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Sincon Engineering Ltd., supplies, fabricates and erects structural steel frameworks for a vast diversity of projects. ​
We are CE approved to BS EN ISO 1090-1 and 1090-2 for the execution of structural metal components (steel and aluminium structures), BS EN ISO 14731:2006 for the fabrication of structural steel products and BS EN ISO 3834 for welding tasks and responsibilities.

While our primary function remains in the steel side of the business, we have expanded over the last 15 years to encompass the installation of various ranges of roofing and cladding systems. We are approved installers of Alkor Metal Flat Roofing Systems, Vieo Built Up Roofing and Vieo Zinc Standing Seam System, Euroseam 400 Standing Seam Roofing System, Zinc Roofing Systems, Kingspan Roofing and Cladding Systems.  Click on the products for more information.


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